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Position - Market Research and Marketing Specialist for Wheel Mart Seattle Inc


  • Bachelor Deg. in Biz Admin or Marketing, 12 month experience

How To Apply

  • Send resume to HR at 109 Roy Rd SE, #110, Pacific, WA 98047

Job Description

  • Research competitors such as other wheel and tire distributors and focus on their price, products, marketing strategies, and so on. Collect and analyze secondary data relating to our competitors and the industry dominants to obtain the product strength and market trend.
  • By comparing with their prices and sales, help the company establish competing business concepts and methods of viable marketing campaigns to penetrate into local markets; Prepare reports and presentations of analysis of the findings, illustrate data graphically, and interpret related suggestions and proposals for specific regional marketplaces to the company’s senior management; Collect primary data through both orders and reviews from our dealers and phone interview with retail customer to specify the important marketing mix that may affect customers’ preferences, needs, and buying habits.
  • Plan and prepare advertising and promotional material to increase sales of products or services, working with customers, company officials, sales representatives and advertising agencies; Design and implement online and offline marketing and advertising plans including monthly promotion activities and special related campaigns; Engage in developing and producing promotional materials such as updating product categories on our web site, creating product flyers, etc.
  • Track and monitor sales promotion results to determine cost effectiveness of marketing campaigns; Customize marketing activities and contents for self-media and new media according to the original materials.